Lexus RX 330 Engine

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Lexus started producing the RX 330 in 2004. The engine used in the RX 330 was also used in the Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon and the ES 330. The was an upgraded engine with larger displacement than the RX 300 engine and offered VVTI (variable valve train injection) to help with economy, emissions and performance. This engine had a broader power band, better torque curve, increased horsepower and more over all torque as well. The RX 330 became more reliable than the RX 300 and received many upgrades and new design features.


Some of the most obvious changes were the new body design, interior change and improved electronics. The RX 330 seemed more athletic than the RX 300. Better acceleration, tighter handling with the upgraded suspension and a superior steering feel. To mention a few other changes, Lexus added 17” wheels, a better type leather for the seats, a Mark Levinson audio system, DVD entertainment system, back-up camera, adaptive cruise control and adaptive headlights.

The towing capacity was 3500 lbs. which is less than a truck but this model was a mid-size SUV. The added all-wheel drive system offered a better road feel, added safety in wet weather but have no impact on the towing capability of this vehicle. In 2005 Lexus added a power rear liftgate and the navigation system was given voice command control. Also, the front seats had power lumbar added to them which helps with comfort and driver fatigue. Other safety improvements were larger side airbags on both sides of the vehicle, driver’s knee airbag and side curtain airbags as well.

The RX 330 transmission was upgraded to a 5 speed transmission. It was different than the Camry transmission and the Avalon transmission but based on the same design. The mounts were slightly different and also the electronics but the clutches and gears did stay the same.