Infiniti G35 Engines for Sale

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The Infiniti G35 engine is the same engine that was used in the Nissan 350Z as well as the Infiniti FX crossover vehicles. This engine is a 3.5 dual overhead cam variable valve train type design. What is interesting is the automatic version of the G35 only offered the variable valve train on one side of the engine whereas the standard shift version had the variable valve train on both cylinder heads. This was done to help increase airflow performance and horsepower, however most people really did not notice any difference in the drive ability of the car. The G35 vehicle received  many awards in 2003 and 2004 as a top rated vehicle. It replaced the luxury type vehicle for many midsize car buyers, the performance was outstanding, the interior was very well done, and the styling of the vehicle is very pleasing to the eye.


The G35 had two different transmissions available as well as two different types of drivetrain options. The most popular transmission used in the G35 was the 5-speed automatic rear wheel drive. An interesting note is the length of the drive shaft was very short but Nissan designed the vehicle around the engine being placed towards the back of the engine compartment like a mid-ship design which helped balance out the weight distribution. The automatic car was available in rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive system was first used back on the Nissan Skyline in Japan and delivered a hundred percent of the power to the rear wheels until heavy acceleration was experienced or loss of traction, then the vehicle would automatically distribute up to 50% of the vehicle’s power to the front wheels temporarily. The manual transmission was a six-speed type but only available in a rear wheel drive, you could not purchase the manual type in the United States in the all-wheel-drive version.