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The first Nissan 350Z engine used was a VQ35DE overhead cams 6 cylinder engine. The horsepower this engine put out was 287 which is actually a little lacking for this sports car. Available in automatic or standard the car is definitely fun to drive. The 350Z came after a hiatus of the 300ZX being pulled from the market back in the 90s. Nissan brought it back into production to compete Subaru WRX and the BMW 3 series. The 350Z is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive vehicle, it has independent suspension and handles very well and most all road conditions.


Some of the safety features of the 350Z include airbags, antilock brakes, adaptive cruise control, as well as strong as a frame. The 350Z is a great sports car for people looking for a mid-level priced vehicle. The interior is very well done with leather seats, climate control, and also steering wheel controls for the convenience of the driver. Steering wheel controls have been around for a long time as they not only had convenience to the vehicle, but also a safety feature to help keep the driver’s eyes on the road.

The transmission used in the 350Z has been very reliable and well proven. The automatic version of the transmission shifts very well, it is computer-controlled, and easy to work on. The manual shift 6-speed is very durable however most people out for the automatic version of the car. Some people had hoped for a turbocharged or supercharged version of the 350Z however it was never brought into production. There was a production model that showed up in a European car show but it was never moved from a concept vehicle into production. The horsepower was substantially increased in this vehicle along with other options that the 350Z enthusiast would really appreciate.

All in all, the 350Z has been a good success for the Nissan Motor Company. It is known in other markets as a Skyline, or under different badging. We hope Nissan will continue to build these cars for years to come as they are fun to drive, durable, an affordable option instead of the Chevrolet Corvette or Chevy Camaro.