BMW 3 Series Engine

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The final step in solidifying your skill as a mechanic is to take on completely installing a new engine, and there is no better engine to hone your skills than the German built 3 Series. At the time of its release, it received critical acclaim that drew upon the racing heritage of BMW automotive engineering. This engine has a wide following, making parts easy to acquire. However, the precise mechanical excellence of this machinery requires that you use only factory original parts. Anything less will result in inferior performance, ultimately shortening the life-span of the vehicle.



ASAP Motors is provider of rebuilt and used engines that can assure buyers of the production sources for individual parts and also engines as a whole. The eager mechanic’s search for a BMW 3 Series engine can begin and end with them. They have the expertise to give guidance as to the compatibility of the engine with the vehicle for refurbishing, and their prices are guaranteed to be the most competitive around. This company simplifies the search process so that you can concentrate on your engine’s performance.

The BMW 3 Series stands above the rest based on its specs alone. The most recent incarnation of this iconic engine delivers 230 horsepower from its 4-cylinder engine which was designed for increased fuel economy. The new engine increases the fuel efficiency by a factor of 20% over previous models of the engine. This is a turbo-charged diesel engine that is compatible with the stoutest of powertrains. Exhaust valve timing and direct fuel injection systems add to the precision with which this engine operates. Light-weight aluminum components provide strength without inhibiting the potential of its variable intake valves. Working with engineering at this level is sure to sharpen and refine the mechanical skills of anyone that has a passion for mechanical excellence.

Once you are happy with the motor located, do you due diligence online. Jsu a few clicks of the mouse can help you decide if the supplier is a legitimate company that handles the issues that arise. The same goes for the installer, doing your homework is key to make sure this process goes as smoothly as it can.