Infiniti J30 Engines

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The Infiniti J30 with a rear wheel drive vehicle in design, the engine used was also used in the Nissan 300ZX. The engine was a VG30 6 cylinder V designed single overhead cam motor and produced a little over 200 horsepower. The J30 vehicle was in an attempt at a mid-level luxury vehicle. The drivetrain with rear wheel drive and the vehicle came either automatic or manual shift transmission. The interior was nice, it had leather seats, am/fm/cd, steering wheel controls, and nice alloy wheels. The J30 handled well and rode well and was very popular among first time buyer that were looking for an intermediate type vehicle that was a step up from a Nissan.



The J30 was only made for a few years before Infiniti drop the line completely, the J series just was not a successful moneymaker for the manufacturer. In 1994 the G30 also offered a J30t version, this included a Macpherson strut suspension along with an appearance package attempting to appeal to more of a sport minded buyer. However the car really wasn’t that sporty being a 4 door with a low-powered engine, it didn’t perform that well and it handled okay. It was at best a mid-level vehicle. The J30 tried to compete with the Nissan Altima, however the Altima being a front-wheel drive vehicle was still light years ahead of the poor performing J30. After a short tenure and production run, Infiniti did drop the J series and never brought it back to life.During its entire production, Infiniti only gave it insignificant upgrades at best. Not much attention was paid to the vehicle from the get-go as it seems to be a product of poor planning, poor design, and poor performance all around. The few remaining J30 that are on the road today seem to be doing okay thanks to the junk yards out there that are offering affordable used parts to keep them going.