Nissan Frontier Engine

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The Nissan Frontier engine started way back with the old Nissan Hard body truck. That truck used a 2.4 engine KA24DE. The Hard body was extremely popular and performed very well. Nissan also offered the 3.3 V-6 engine which was also used in the Nissan Pathfinder. The first year the Frontier came to market was in 1998. It was a little confusing because Nissan also called it the Nissan Truck. The D series Nissan truck has been a very hot selling vehicle for many years. In the early years the Hard Body had issues with the computer, distributor and the exhaust manifold. Some recyclers in those days figured out that you could remove the distributor module from a 6-cylinder Nissan Maxima and use it to repair the Nissan Truck 4-cylinder distributor.



So of the later model Frontiers Supercharged engines ran really well and people loved it. The towing capacity was increased, power was increased and overall drivability for a compact truck was improved. The supercharger was almost maintenance free and operated by forcing air down into the intake manifold. This has little to no effect on emissions which is a big plus for the manufacture.

In other countries people who use the Frontier and remove the regular bad and fit the truck with a utility bed or flat bed. This really made the uses for the truck grow in numbers, most flat beds are made from aluminum which not only makes it very strong but also very lightweight compared to steel. Some of the truck the Frontier competed with were the Isuzu Truck, Ford Ranger and the Chevy S-10. The compact truck market has always had a high demand because of cost savings over purchasing a full size truck. A long time ago Ford tried the Ford Ranchero and Chevy tried the Chevy ElCamino, both failed miserably.