BMW X6 Engine

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BMW is a producer of high-performing, long-lasting vehicles. Those vehicles are powered by engines that are held to theses same standards. The engineering translates to quality used engines such as the BMW X6. However, buyers should still be cautious of the usual pitfalls in buying used engine when evaluating what they might be able to get their hands on. Despite the quality of the engine, buyers must always be sure that they are getting an engine that is comprised of the original manufacturer parts. BMW engines are finely tuned to deliver outstanding performance. Buying a piece-mill engine can potentially throw a serious wrench into what you are expecting to get for your money. Because of BMW’s outstanding reputation, the X6 engine will have parts that are widely available in good condition. This consideration is important for both installation and maintenance. Some consider this vehicle to be built after the Infiniti FX45 as the crossover market keeps growing and more automakers are getting into this class of vehicle.



The X6 engine is a dream for any mechanic hoping to install a unique and powerful engine. While the skill level for installation may be slightly higher than other engines, the payoff is considerable. A Twin-Power Turbo yields high-performance for your efforts. Combining this power with the 8-cylinder engine results in a gas-fueled piece of machinery that can hold its own in almost any situation. The 407 horsepower output makes shopping around to find the perfect used X6 engine worth the venture. On the mechanical side, the engine is also easy to handle in the shop. Considering its power, the engine is relatively compact and weighs very little. Following all the necessary precautions in buying a X6 engine will result in a long-lasting engine with minimal CO2 emissions.

Proper installation of the 8-speed automatic transmission lets your engine work with a system to provide seamless gear shifts and a velvety range of RPMs. The chances of having to do future repairs is also exceptionally low for the X6 engine. Statistical data also reflects an extremely low instance of “lemons” reported by buyers with little or no mechanical knowledge. Outside of the required mechanical knowledge for installations, there are few drawbacks to the BMW X6 engine. Buyers can expect to enjoy an average of 20 MPG on the highway in exchange for generous amounts of torque.

Make sure to qualify the installer before work begins and do your research on the company you are ordering your used motor from. This always help make your transaction go a litte bit smoother. Try to get the VIN number from the vehicle your engine was removed from and run a CarFax to get some history on what you are buying.