BMW 635CSI Engine

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Background Information About BMW 635C-Si Engines:
These high-quality built engines are one of several four-stroke engines that were produced by BMW between 1978-1989. They were created by BMW to satisfy consumers’ demand for an efficient engine that offered more power for everyday driving needs. Many drivers who discovered the engines during the 1970s and 1980s were impressed with these engines’ performance because they provided up to 215 horsepower and up to 224 lb.ft of torque despite their relatively small 3.2 L displacement.



The engine’s 6-cylinder inline design features a crankshaft, crankcase and pistons that were prone to wear after years of use. As a result, many reputable auto mechanics recommend inspecting these parts for wear before purchasing a used BMW 635C-Si engine.

Moreover, some BMW 635C-Si engines produced from 1985-1989 for North American consumers might feature double row timing chains, modified cam trays, different valve lengths and different cam profiles that was designed to meet stricter emissions standards. Consumers can quickly tell these engines apart from BMW 635C-Si engines that were produced for the European market because they feature a larger 3.4 L displacement. Offers an Easy Way to Find Used BMW 635C-Si Engines:
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