BMW 545i Engine

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If you have a BMW 545i that needs an engine replaced, look to our innovative approach, where sellers compete for your business. Everything is simple to do. On our site, just fill in the model year along with the requested transmission and engine info. Let us know whether you have the standard 6-speed automatic or a manual. Our network of suppliers that have the 4.4 L V-8 in stock will submit offers to you. Many times you’ll see bids start appearing within just minutes.



Replacing the engine on this 5-series Beemer is certainly worth it. The powerful V-8 is rated at 325 hp, and yet it still gets 26 mpg on the highway.

Look over the bids, and inquire further about the ones that interest you. Compare price, warranty, and shipping terms. We recommend that you discuss your questions with a seller until you are completely satisfied with the answers.

Since this is a competitive bidding system, buyers are always able to ask for a better price or warranty if they wish. In turn, our sellers are free to sell their engines at a level where they can earn a profit.

Learn About The Seller

It’s often pretty easy to check out online reviews of the party with the engine for sale. You can also look into their history with the BBB. Research the deal until you’re very comfortable with all aspects of it.

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PayPal and credit cards are the only methods we recommend for payment. Another approach is to get a Visa card that is pre-paid. That is another way to enjoy the buyer protection services offered by Visa.

Always avoid using Western Union, checks, or money orders. Use a recommended payment type and you’ll feel confident and secure obout the transaction.


Today, our network of dealer-suppliers can ship your 545i engine right to your selected auto repair shop or dealership. ASE-certified mechanics are usually an ideal choice. You’ve invested in a luxury performance vehicle, and you want it to receive expert care.

Remember, our innovative system at ASAP is always free to utilize. Plus, it’s fast and it’s simple.