BMW 633i Engine

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From 1978 to 1984, Bavarian Motor Works sold the 633 CSi in North America. The inline six in this particular 6 series BMW is capable of 197 hp and 284 ft-lb of torque. If the time has come to replace the engine in your classic, vintage BMW, we can link you up with the right sellers.

To secure offers pertaining to the replacement engine that you need, simply take a few minutes to fill in our online form. Please list the year and whether you have the four-speed or five-speed manual, or the three-speed automatic that was introduced in the 80s. Include the other requested data, and submit your form to us at ASAP Motors.

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Once you have identified an engine that you want, check out the online reviews that the seller has probably received. It is also possible to review the seller’s business history at the BBB.

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Shipping Arrangements

Your seller will gladly ship your 633 CSi straight to whoever is going to complete the installation. We recommend the use of an ASE-Certified mechanic for this important work. You’ve got an excellent vintage BMW, and you want the work done just right.

Try our unique service here at ASAP Motors, where we bring together buyers that need to replace engines and sellers that have them. Our service is at no cost to you, the buyer. Soon, you’ll be back on the road with your 6 series coupe.