BMW L6 Engine

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BMW began producing the E-24 6 series coupes in November 1975 and ceased manufacturing the vehicles in April 1989. Called the ‘Bavarian Ferrari’ the coupe gain massive appeal due to its design. In 1987, BMW made a U.S. specific model named the L6 (Luxury Edition 635CSi).



The original L6 series engines are rarities since the edition was produced only for a year. Engine brokers can locate the engines yet, it is very important to verify the engine if you are wanting the original (S38B35). Many L6 models have been restored with C635 M30 engines. Additionally, the L6 can be modified easily with the M88 engine which is the S3B35 closest compatible engine. Before buying a used engine for your L6, ask for a estimate of the entire repairs needs to your vehicle. Repair and installation of L6 and similar engines is definitely not for amateurs. Look into the certification and experience of the mechanic and repair shop that you are choosing for the work. The following is a summary of the S3B35 engine for the 1987 BMW L6.

BMW L6 (1987)
The S3B35 was a modification of the M88 engine used in BMW’s European models. The L6’s engine differed in the following ways:
Modified cam tray
Double row timing chain
U.S. rated catalytic converter
Varying valve lengths (from M88)
Copper spark plugs (instead of M88 silver ones)
EFI oxygen sensor
With the above modifications, the S3B35 had a reduction in horsepower especially due to the catalytic converter.