BMW 540i Engine

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Replacing your BMW 540i engine is easier than ever with our approach. Simply submit the year, engine model, type of transmission and whether it’s two-wheel or all-wheel drive. Businesses that have the engine that you need will then respond with competing bids.



For example, your 1996-2003 540i will need a 4.4 L V-8. Prior to that, the V-8 used by BMW was a 4.0 L. The information that you enter will let our dealer-suppliers know which engine you need to replace.

Those competing quotes will usually be quick to arrive. Compare price, shipping costs, and warranty. Ask questions until you are completely sure of your decision. You are always free to request a lower price or a better warranty. Each seller that we work with is free to sell at a level at which they feel they can make a profit.

How Can I Learn About The Seller?

Both good news and bad news travels well on the web. Check out the online reviews of the seller you are thinking of working with. You’ve got a tool at your disposal that the previous generation did not. Also, check the Better Business Bureau record of the engine seller.

How Should I Pay?

Simple. Only use a credit card or PayPal. Those methods of payment offer protections that sending a check, money order, or using Western Union does not. Another option is to get a pre-paid Visa card. Then, you have that third party involved that can protect you when necessary. In this way, a fair and secure transaction can be assured.

How Will It Ship?

In today’s interconnected world, there’s no need to go down to the dock to pick up your engine. Instead, it can be shipped right to the mechanic, repair shop, or dealership that will install it. We recommend using an ASE -certified mechanic. It’s that simple.

Our service at ASAP Motors is fast, free, and simple.