BMW 533i Engine

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BMW’S 533i
In the early 1980s, BMW responded to customer complaints about the performance of the 528i. The result was an exclusive 533i North American model that sold in 1983 and 1984. The sedan performed beyond expectation, having a top speed of 134 mph. During its time the 533i was the fastest sedan on American highways. This vehicle was able to out run the Chevrolet Corvette on the open highway.



The M30 engine found in the 533i was part of a series called the Big Six. Interestingly, BMW’s inline six cylinder engines of the 80’s have made the prestigious list of Top 10 Engines of the 20th Century. The engine found success not only in the 533i but also the 633i and the 733i. Prices for the M30 vary, so it is necessary to investigate the quality of the engine that you are buying. A lower priced M30 may have internal damage, which may need moderate to extensive repairs. Consequently, prudent buyers will request an estimate for the price of entire bill-engine purchase, motor repairs, and installation. Certified professionals with experience in BMW engines are the best choice for installation. Therefore, it is advised to check into the reputation of the car repair shop and mechanic that will fix your 533i. The M30B32 engine for the BMW 533i is summarized below.

BMW 533i (1983 – 1984)
The M30B32 engine appeared in North American markets in the 533i exclusively. Although it had a small displacement (compared to the M30B34 and M30B35), the engine performed very well. The M30B32 enjoys the main characteristics of the Big Six family: low profile due to its 30-degree right cant, chain-driven SOHC and cross flow heads. The M30B32 can easily be exchanged with any of the M30 engine family models. Because of the similarities in the M30 family, the engines are sometime misidentified.


Check out the engine seller you decide to do business with. Look at the reviews online and their BBB record. Make sure they accept credit card or PayPal, never send a wire or cash. After your replacment engine is on the way do the same homework with the garage that is going to install your motor. An ASE certified is normally a good route to choice because they have had training in automobile repair.