BMW 325i Engine

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Whether you are replacing the venerable M20 engine used in the 325i in the eighties and nineties, or one of the other Bavarian Motor Works engines, we can assist. Our new concept allows us to quickly round up available engines for your particular 325i from around the country. Then, you quickly receive emails directly from the sellers. With our approach, our suppliers literally compete for your business.



So, how does the ASAP Motors system work? Simply fill in the requested information on our online form. Note the model, year, type of transmission and drive train, etc. After you submit your online form, sellers that have the replacement engine that you need will begin to contact you via email. In many cases, you’ll only need to wait minutes before the first bids arrive.

Research The Engines And The Sellers

Then, review the 325i engines offered and contact the sellers that have the engines that you are most interested in. Be thorough as you inquire about engine condition, history, warranty, etc. The goal is for you, the buyer, to be completely comfortable with your final decision.

Once you’re focused on a particular power plant, research the seller. Check online reviews and look at the Better Business Bureau report on the supplier if you wish.

Payment For The Engine

At ASAP, we always recommend that you pay in one of three ways: credit card, pre-paid Visa, or PayPal. These purchase methods offer good protection for the buyer. We suggest that Western Union, checks, and money orders be avoided.


Our network of suppliers ship engines directly to auto repair shops and dealerships. This means that at no point do you have to concern yourself with moving a heavy engine from place to place. Finally, we highly recommend that you rely on an ASE-Certified mechanic for your engine install. Your BMW is a wonderful investment, and you want everything to go smoothly.

Soon, you’ll be back out on the highway enjoying the taut suspension and the precision handling of your German-engineered BMW performance car.