BMW 2002 Engine

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The BMW 2002 is a part of the iconic “New Class” of compact sedans that turned the German automaker’s fortunes and firmly established its identity as a purveyor of sporty sedans. The 2002 was an offshoot of the 1600-2 two-door sedan



As its namesake suggests, the BMW 2002 was fitted with a 2.0-liter variant of the M10 four-cylinder engine. The M10 featured a single overhead camshaft, cast iron block and aluminum heads. Base models of the 2002 received a carbureted version that generated 100 horsepower, while the 2002 ti received a dual-carburetor Solex variant capable of 120 horsepower. However, the dual-carburetor motor was never offered in the U.S., making sightings of this engine in American junkyards rare, if not impossible.

In 1971, the dual-carburetor M10 was replaced with a Kugelfischer fuel injected variant with 130 horsepower. This variant was found under the hood of the 2002 tii, which replaced the carbureted 2002 ti after 1971. Unlike the ti, the tii was imported into the U.S.

Last but not least is the 2002 Turbo, in which the fuel injected M10 engine from the tii was fitted with a KKK turbocharger and tuned a compression ratio of 6.9:1 as a safeguard against engine knocking. The end result was a power output of 170 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. The 2002 Turbo was never officially imported into the U.S., making examples of these performance-oriented vehicles exceedingly rare.

Over 339,000 2002 base models were produced between 1968 and 1976, but only a total of 7,451 tii models were made. Smaller still is the overall production tally for the 2002 Turbo, at 1,672 worldwide. Given the 2002’s age, production numbers and collectability, finding a replacement motor through a junkyard or dismantler can prove difficult.

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