BMW X5 Engine

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Your X5 may be equipped with the 300 hp inline six or the 4.4 L big V-8 that is capable of 400 hp. Whichever engine you now need to replace, your X5 is a true premium luxury SUV, and we at ASAP Motors can assist you in locating the right engine for your BMW. The all-wheel drive X5 with the eight-speed Steptronic transmission is a pleasure to drive.

To locate engines within minutes, simply fill in the online form, providing model, year, etc. Submit the form, and in a very short time you’ll be seeing offers in your email from our suppliers that happen to have the correct engine. Within our innovative system, sellers actually compete for your business.



Look over the options, and select the engines that you’d like to find out more about. Then, ask the sellers all the questions that you have. Perhaps you are interested in the engine’s history and the kind of warranty offered. Once you are totally comfortable with a certain engine selection, check out the supplier’s online reviews. They are usually pretty easy to locate. The Better Business Bureau may be an additional source of information.

When it comes to payment, we recommend using a credit card, a pre-paid Visa, or PayPal. These are payment types that offer good buyer protection plans. We also suggest that checks, money orders, and wire transfers be avoided.

Any of the dealers in our network will be willing to ship your X5 replacement engine directly to whoever is going to do the install. By the way, we recommend the use of an ASE-Certified mechanic for this important work.

Remember, with our new concept for linking up buyers and sellers, buying the engine that’s needed has never been easier. And, sellers will compete for your business.