BMW 528i Engine

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Purchasing a used engine is about more than finding the best possible deal available. Although fair prices are an important part of any automotive purchase, the knowledge of the vendor is paramount as well. You must know that you are getting original production sources for the money that you are laying out. The retailer you choose to deal with must have the expertise necessary to bring this kind of service to you. With this kind of knowledge also comes the ability of the retailer to offer further advice during and after the sales process. Vendors of all types will be able to guide buyers to engine hardware that is compatible and best suited for the car or truck they are bringing back to life.

After deciding the company you would like to purchase an engine from, follow through with due diligence. Not only should you do a background check on the supplier of your replacement motor, but also the installation facility. We recommend an ASE certified mechanic and even the whole shop if possible. Even if they have ASE certified installers, take the time to look them up on the BBB or Angie’s List. This extra step only takes a few minutes but help you save hundreds of dollars.
People in the market for a BMW 528i engine can turn to ASAP Motors for a solid engine delivered with the kind of friendly and knowledgeable service described above. They can offer insight into the mechanical process that will be involved in the installation, guarantee that the parts are the best available, and assure you of the reasons that the 538i is a great choice in BMW engines.

When it comes to an in-line four engine, few manufactures can hold a candle to BMW automakers. The 528i turbo engine promises performance that is backed by 240 horsepower. While you may not be purchasing a landmark in fuel efficiency, you are installing an engine that promises performance up to the red line of your rpms. Direct-injection fuel compliments the 2-liter capacity displacement of the engine. The torque makes itself known, even at higher speeds. The driver can feel it in the transmission as the engine roars above 100 mph. Buyers who are looking to install speed that is made possible by precision tuning can find it here. The 528i delivers, moving from 0 to 60 mph in under 6.4 seconds.