BMW 335i Engine

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If your 335i is a 2007-2010, you’re looking to replace the N54 engine. This twin-turbo engine is rated at a maximum of 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. In 2011, BMW updated the 335i power plant, when it went to the N55, a twin-scroll turbo. Both 335i engines are 3.0 L inline sixes.



If it is now time to replace your BMW 335i engine, ASAP Motors has come up with an innovative way for you to find just the engine that is required. Our system quickly locates the engines that are available across the country, and then the suppliers literally compete for your business.

Simply begin by completing our online form. Supply the model and year of your BMW, along with the type of transmission, etc. When its complete, simply submit the form. Usually, within a matter of minutes, bids will begin to arrive in your email. Look these offers over, and contact the sellers that have the inline sixes that garner the most interest. The goal is to ask all of your questions about condition, engine history, warranty, etc.

Review Online Comments

Once you’ve found an engine that really interests you, it is time to take one more step before proceeding with a purchase. First, check out online reviews of the dealer and review the Better Business Bureau profile or Angie’s List as well, if you wish.

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We generally recommend that you either use PayPal, credit card, or pre-paid Visa to pay for your replacement engine. These payment methods afford a good degree of buyer security. By contrast, we suggest that checks, Western Union, and money orders be avoided.

Shipping To Selected Destination

Any of the suppliers in our extensive network will gladly ship your 335i engine to any dealership or repair shop that you specify. We always recommend the selection of an ASE-Certified mechanic for this important work. You want to protect your investment in such a fine German performance vehicle.

Our new concept at ASAP Motors is free to our buyer. You should find our system to be fast, secure, and economical.