BMW 550i GT Engine

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The 550i in the Gran Tourismo series is the eight-cylinder “big brother” to the 535i GT, with its inline six. Perhaps you have the most recent twin-turbo 4.4 L V-8 to replace. This powerhouse exhilarates the driver with 445 hp and 480 lb ft of torque. The original V-8 in the inaugural 2010 is no slouch either. It offers up to 400 hp and 450 lb ft of torque. Either way, we can link you up with the suppliers that have the engine that you require.



Our innovation at ASAP Motors is that we have an extensive network of dealer-suppliers that will actually compete for your business. Simply fill in the basics on our website, like model and year, transmission, drive train, etc. Once you’ve submitted this information, sellers that possess the type of engine that you need will submit bids directly to you via email. Make comparisons regarding engine history, cost, warranty, and shipping. Ask all the questions that you need to in order to feel comfortable with a particular deal. Negotiate price and warranty if you desire. Both buyer and seller are free to work out terms acceptable to both.

Online Seller Reviews

Today, it’s easy to check out the party that you are dealing with through online reviews. Check those out along with the seller’s Better Business Bureau rating if you wish.

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Ideal payment methods include credit card, pre-paid Visa, and PayPal. Each of these methods offers appropriate buyer protections. We recommend avoiding the use of Western Union, checks, or money orders. With the right payment method, it’s easy to purchase an engine with peace-of-mind.

Shipping Is Easy

Your seller is capable of shipping the desired 550i engine directly to the repair shop or dealership that will be doing the installation. ASAP always recommends using ASE-Certified mechanics for such important work. Given a professional engine installation, you’ll enjoy the luxury and performance of your BMW for years to come.

Remember, our free service at ASAP Motors is designed to get buyers and sellers together quickly and efficiently. Importantly, our innovative approach means that our dealer-suppliers will literally compete for your business.