BMW 630i Engine

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The 630 CSi is often a sought after 70s era 6 series, in part because it was manufactured for just two years. The 1977 and 1978 630 CSi coupes included an inline six featuring a maximum 185 hp and 255 ft-lb of torque.



Now, if you are in need of a replacement engine for your BMW to restore it to some of its earlier glory, we can help. Our innovation at ASAP Motors is a system that quickly finds our buyers the engines that they need. Better yet, our network of suppliers actually compete for your business?

Here’s how it works — simply provide the information that is requested on our form right here on our website. In info like model, year, transmission type, etc. Once the form is complete, submit it to us, and then the fun begins. Usually within minutes, you’ll begin to see offers appearing in your email. The dealers that have the replacement engine that you’re in need of will actually compete for your business.

Do Your Research

Zero in on a few engines that interest you, and proceed to discuss your questions with the sellers involved. You might want to inquire about engine history. condition, warranty, etc. Once you’ve decided on an engine, take a moment to check out the seller online before proceeding. Online reviews of most dealers can be readily accessed. Also, the Better Business Bureau may have helpful information.

Payment Types

ASAP always suggests that you use a credit card, pre-paid Visa, or PayPal to complete your purchase. These payment types offer good buyer protections. Avoid writing checks, sending money orders, or wiring money. We want you to enjoy a safe, secure transaction with your selected supplier.


Any of the sellers in our network will easily ship the 630 CSi engine right to the dealership or the auto repair shop that you have hired to do the installation. By the way, this is an important install. Therefore, we recommend the use of ASE-Certified techs for the work.

Soon, with the engine replaced, you’ll have restored the true value in your classic Beemer. At ASAP Motors, our unique system links buyers and sellers quickly, securely, and efficiently.