BMW 525i Engine

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If that 525i engine needs replacing, let us at ASAP Motors put the power of the Internet to work for you. We are able to quickly gather together information about available engines. The best part is, with our system, the sellers then compete for your business.



Whether you have the earlier single overhead cam 170 hp M20 engine, or its subsequent 192 hp double overhead cam replacement, our network of dealer/suppliers will have the engine that you require. The 525i is a product of great German engineering, and with that engine updated, you’ll enjoy years and years of added driving pleasure.

Just fill in the model year, transmission info, etc., and often within minutes you’ll start seeing offers coming in. When you’re ready, start reviewing the prices, warranties, and other details. Communicate with sellers that might have exactly what you’re looking for. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to come to an informed decision. Remember, you are free to try to negotiate better tems if you wish. Some sellers are willing to,work with buyers on price and on warranty terms.

About the Supplier

Once you find that you are leaning toward a particular available engine, go online and look for relevant seller reviews. You can also check out the supplier’s Better Business Bureau rating. Research everything until you’re totally comfortable.

Payment Ideas

ASAP Motors highly recommends that you pay for the selected engine via credit card, PayPal, or pre-paid Visa. Those methods will afford you buyer protection that will provide peace-of-mind. Avoid checks, money orders, and Western Union.

Shipping and Installation

The selected supplier can ship your BMW 525i engine right to the repair shop or dealership that you’ve chosen for installation. We recommend sticking with ASE-certified mechanics for a high level of confidence that the engine will be installed into your BMW properly and professionally.

Soon, you’ll be back on the road enjoying the luxury and performance of your classic BMW. Remember, our unique method for getting sellers and buyers together is always free to use.