BMW 128i Engine

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Should you need to replace your 3.0 L inline six in your 128i, ASAP Motors can get you in touch with the sellers that have what you need, at a competitive price. Our unique system features a network of sellers that actually compete for your business.



Whether your 128i is a coupe or a convertible, a few minutes spent entering some simple information on our website will quickly yield an assortment of bids from suppliers that have the engine that you are looking for. Many times, responses will arrive in your email within just minutes.

Research and Negotiate

Then, follow up with the sellers that you are potentially interested in working with. Ask them all of the important questions that you have. They can respond to your questions about condition, engine history, and warranty.

When you discuss the terms of the sale, realize that price and warranty are fully negotiable, based upon what each seller is willing to do. Once you zero in on a particular 128i replacement engine, we recommend that you check the online reviews of that particular supplier. Also, check with the BBB in terms of its records about the business.

Ways To Pay For The Engine

ASAP Motors recommends that each buyer use a credit card, PayPal, or a pre-paid Visa card for the transaction. These payment methods afford a decent level of buyer protection. It is suggested that sending checks or money orders, or wiring money, be avoided.

How Do I Get The Engine?

Simple. Your supplier will gladly ship it directly to the dealership or the repair shop that will perform the work. It is fully insured while in transit, so one can arrange delivery with confidence. If you are in need of a qualified mechanic to install your BMW 128i engine, we recommend going with one that is ASE-Certifed.

Remember that our services at ASAP Motors are provided to buyers without charge. Find the engine you need at a price that you can afford with our innovative approach.