BMW 320i Engine

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The 320i has a long and storied history in the United States. When it was first introduced in the U.S. in 1977, it had to be modified to meet safety and emissions standards.



The original M10 2.0 L engine was soon replaced with a 1.8 L design that was in use until 1982. Today’s 320i can be equipped with twin scroll turbocharging and direct injection. Whether you have a more recent edition, or one of the earlier vintage Beemers, finding a replacement engine through ASAP Motors is a snap.

Even though the 320i has been produced by BMW for over three decades, locating the correct engine within our system is simple. Just fill in the year, type of transmission, etc. on our online form.  Submit the form to us, and oftentimes within minutes you’ll start seeing offers appearing via email. Given our large network of suppliers and dealers, there will usually be a number of appropriate engines for you to select from.

From those offered, select the ones that you’d like to learn more about. Contact those sellers, and ask as many questions as you need to until you are comfortable with one of the engines offered. Remember that our suppliers are competing for your business, so sometimes better terms can be negotiated. It never hurts to ask.

Once you have a certain engine in mind, check out the seller’s reputation online. Look at online reviews, and visit the BBB sites as well.

At ASAP, we recommend that you pay for the engine via credit card, pre-paid Visa, or PayPal. These are methods of payment that includes decent buyer protection plans. By contrast, we discourage the use of checks, money orders, or Western Union.

Any of the engine suppliers in our network will ship your engine to your auto repair shop, dealership, or to the mechanic doing the work for you. By the way, we suggest that you stick with ASE-Certified mechanics for important engine installations like this. Your BMW is a fine investment, and you want everything done to spec.

Our innovative way of helping our customers to locate needed engines is what sets us apart at ASAP Motors. The service is at no cost to our customers. It is fast, simple, and secure.