Toyota Celica Engine

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The Toyota Celica has around sold around the world for years. In 1981 they introduced the 22R 2.4 liter engine. This engine had been used in other vehicles like the Toyota truck and was very dependable. It is a SOHC engine with a chain driven cam so it was stout. The 22R engine was used in Toyota trucks until 1995. Toyota also offered a 2.0 liter 2SE engine. This was a transverse mounted assembly.



In 1985-1989 the Celica was redesigned from the ground up. New drivetrain, suspension and body were all new for this generation. The Celica had several engines and transmissions available for this new line. They included the 4AGE 1.6 liter DOHC, a 2.0 liter motor 3SFE, a 3SGE 2.0 liter sport engine and even a turbo version called the 3SGTE 2.0 liter turbo type. All of these engines offered an automatic transmission or a standard shift 5 speed.

The fifth generation Celica not only offered a 1.6 liter, 2.0 liter 3SFE and 3SGE, they now offered a 2.2 liter 5SFE DOHC engine. In the Japanese market an all-wheel drive version was offered with an upgraded turbo 2.0 liter 3SG-TE. These same engines were offered in the next generation of Celica from 1993-1999, however the 2.2 liter 5SFE motor seemed to be the most popular for this car. The Celica was in a different class from the Nissan Sentra even thought they were in competing classes.

The seventh generation Celica was sold in 2000-2006 and was a total re-do of the previous models. The body style was very aggressive and the suspension and drivetrain were greatly improved. The Celica offered 2 different 1.8 liter engines but they were totally different. The base type or Celica GT had a 1.8 1ZZ engine and was offered with a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic transmission. The higher performance Celica GTS had a 1.8 liter 2ZZ motor with an available 6 speed standard transmission.