Toyota Sienna Engine

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The Toyota Sienna minivan was made to replace the Toyota Previa in 1998-2003. This first generation Sienna used a 3.0 liter 1MZFE engine and the only option for the transmission was a 4 speed automatic FWD. The 3.0 liter 1MZFE motor is the same Toyota used in the Camry and also the Toyota Avalon. The platform used but greatly modified also came from the Toyota Camry. When a automaker is able to use existing platforms and drivetrain components, they save a tremendous amount of money with research and developments costs and also production costs. The closest minivan in the class was the Honda Odyssey. The 2001-2003 models did get the upgraded 3.0 liter 1MZFE with VVT-I technology.



The second generation Sienna was made from 2004-2010 and was given new additions and built in the same plant as the Toyota Solara. This new Sienna received the new 3.3 liter 3MZ VVT-I motor and paired it with a new 5 speed automatic transmission. Also, the shifter was moved from a column shift down to a floor type design which was taken from the Lexus RX330. The Sienna received new interior levels of trim including a top of the line XLE Limited model. The seats were converted to 60/40 for more seating configurations. This makes gives the vehicle more flexibility when hauling cargo and people. In 2004 the Sienna was given an all-wheel drive option which became popular for people in the mid and upper states.

In 2007-2010 the Sienna had an engine upgrade to a 3.5 liter 2GR. This motor is also used in the newer Toyota RAV4 crossover SUV. At this point even the Mazda MPV minivan was starting to feel this redesigned upscale vehicle drafting new sales from the highly competitive market.

The newest production is 2011-present and offers 2 motor options, a scaled down 2.7 liter 1AR engine and also a higher horsepower 3.5 liter 2GR power plant. Both are coupled to a 6 speed automatic transmission and also have AWD as an additional drivetrain feature.