Honda Odyssey Engine

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The Odyssey used the 2.2 engine from the Accord when it was first built. This was the debut of into the minivan market. The automaker wanted to jump into the market that the Dodge Caravan and Ford Aerostar had been dominating. The Odyssey was a front wheel drive like the Dodge Caravan but did not have an optional V6 engine and was not rear wheel drive like the Ford Aerostar was.



In 1995 the 2nd generation Odyssey was produced and became more of a mainstream vehicle. This was about the time New York decided to allow the Odyssey on the streets as a taxi and the demand really grew. The motor was upgraded to the 3.0 liter that was based on the Accord 3.0 liter that had been so successful in the automakers lineup. However, a major setback for the Honda Odyssey was the automatic transmission. They had a bearing on the inside of the unit that would break apart and eventually cause premature failure of the transmission. Honda ended up responding by extending the warranty on these vehicles and doing a redesign for the problem. On top of that issues, the 5 speed transmission had an oiling problem for second gear would cause a breakage due to poor lubrication. This problem was resolved by adding on oil jet. However, third gear was developing a clutch problem and overheating would take place. The Acura Cl had the same design so it inherited the problems as well.

By the time 2005 rolled around, Honda had completely redesigned the entire vehicle. It was fitted with a 3.5 V6 224 hp motor that purred like a kitten. The transmission was a new ground unit and all of the major problems were in the past so they though until 2007 rolled around. This really turned people to the Toyota Sienna which hurt Honda sales even more. For our friends who make the Nissan Quest, this was welcome news also. For 2007 thru 2010 the Odyssey could be up graded to a R Spec package that offered a much more aggressive look and helped boost sales and confidence in the minivan market.