Toyota Matrix Engine

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Toyota introduced the Matrix in 2002. The engine used in the Toyota Matrix was a 1.8 liter 1ZZ DOHC motor, the same motor offered in the Toyota Corolla and the Pontiac Vibe. The engine stayed the same from 2002-2008. The transmissions offered were the 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual or standard shift. If the car had the performance package (XRS) installed, the motor was a 1.8 liter 2ZZ type. This engine produced more horsepower because of the design and was buckled up to a 6 speed standard transmission that also helped power and speed. The added 6th gear allowed Toyota to use lower gears in town driving while having an additional gear for out on the highway. This also helps with fuel economy.



From 2008-2012 the Toyota Matrix received engine upgrades. It was unveiled in Las Vegas at the SEMA show and would be ready for the dealerships by February in 2008 but as a 2009 model. The engines available are the 2ZR 1.8 liter for the base type car and the 2AZ 2.4 liter which is offered in the S and the XRS level Matrix. The base Matrix is offered with a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic transmission. If the car is a S or XRS model, it has a 5 speed automatic transmission and also an available 4 speed automatic with an all-wheel drive package. People who purchase the all-wheel version are concerned about wet weather driving, corning traction or snow and ice.

The suspension in 2010 has the Smart Stop technology added and also an optional Vehicle Stability Control package that became standard. The new wish-bone control arm combined with traction control gives the compact car very good stability and road feel even in adverse weather conditions. It is rated “good” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash tests which gives consumers as added peace of mind.