Toyota Tundra Engine

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The Toyota Tundra first model came to market in 200-2006. Toyota offered 3 engines for this vehicle, the 3.4 liter 5VZ V6, the 4.0 liter 1GR V6 and the 4.7 liter 2UZ V8. The 3.4 engine was used in the Toyota Tacoma and the 4Runneralso. The Tundra was built to get into the full size truck market going after the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and the Dodge D1500 ½ ton models. TRD also had a 3.4 supercharged version that would increase horsepower to compete with the big American V8 engines while keeping fuel economy as high as possible. The 4.7 liter motor used Toyota’s “i-Force” technology and developed 260 hp. For the years 2000-2003 the Tundra had available supercharged V8 that pushed about 350 hp. The supercharged version is hard to find and was not widely produced. The Tundra transmission options were a 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual. In 2005-2006 the 4.7 V8 was updated as well as the 4.0 liter V6 engine. The 4.0 liter was used in the FJ Cruiser.



The second generation 2007-present is now out selling the Nissan Titan. The engine lineup is a 4.0 liter 1GR VVT-I, 4.7 liter 2UZ with 276 hp, a brand new 4.6 1UR V8 with 310 hp and a redesigned 5.7 V8 Dual VVT-I 381 hp. The transmissions have improved with a 5 speed automatic, 6 speed automatic and a 4 wheel drive 6 speed automatic. The manual or standard shift transmission has been dropped for the Tundra. This new version of Tundra has 31 different configurations including different bed lengths, 4 wheel drive options, single or double cab and a crew max version. This truck now competes with the Dodge Ram Mega Cab. The new transmission is a 6 speed version that can lock the torque converter and switch to a manual shift mode. This truck can run the ¼ mile in 14.7 seconds.