Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine

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The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been a success since its debut in 2005. Toyota used a very solid 4.0 lite 1GR-FE V6 engine to power this retro looking SUV off-road. The FJ Cruiser started out with an automotive transmission but also Toyota offered a 6 speed transmission but only for the four wheel drive version. For the years 2007-2009 the 4.0 liter engine came with a single VVT-I (variable valve timing) engine that produces 239 hp at 5200 rpm. In 2010 Toyota upgraded the engine again to a Dual VVT-I which increase the horsepower to 260 and also more torque. Even though the engine has the large increase in power, fuel economy remains the same. However, Toyota recommends using 91 octane gasoline for optimum mileage and performance.



The 4 wheel drive FJ Cruisers are equipped with a RA16F standard shift 6 speed transmission that has a full time all-wheel drive that uses a torsion system which will distribute power to the front, center and rear as needed. The system will maintain a 40-60 power distribution most of the time. The other transmission available for the 4 wheel drive are a 5 speed automatic which has a transfer case that allows the function of 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. If you purchase a 2 wheel drive model, only an automatic transmission is offered but it does come standard with a limited slip rear differential.

For the off-road enthusiast, the FJ Cruiser has an available Toyota Racing Development (TRD) model. This special edition vehicle has an improved exhaust system, Bilstein shocks, a TRD air filter which helps the engine breath, rock rails are installed and it is equipped with all terrain off-road tires.  Also, the SUV has a way to synchronize the rear locking axle using the active traction control. This makes for an excellent affordable get in the dirt and play vehicle.