Toyota Supra Engine

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The Toyota Supra came to market in 1978-1981. Toyota used the Celica as a platform but made the Supra larger to accommodate the in-line 6 cylinder 4ME engine. The newer Supra got a larger 5ME which was the same engine as the Toyota Cressida. The Supra was made for the sports minded person and was competing with the Datsun 280Z, however the Chevy Corvette had a V8 which put it in a higher class of performing sports cars.The Toyota MR2 was made as a sports car but was more of a budget type car.



In 1982-1986 the next generation of Supra, the engine was upgraded again to the 5MGE DOHC 2.8 liter motor. This engine was used to increase power and performance to help Toyota stay in the growing sports car market. It had 2 transmissions available, a 4 speed automatic and a 5 speed standard shift. This made it a 16 second ¼ mile car for the first time. This new drivetrain went well with the redesigned body and put Toyota in the running.

The 3rd generation Toyota Supra was given the flagship engine Toyota made at that time. The new 7MGE 3.0 liter DOHC with the distributor-less ignition system and had 4 valves per cylinder. This made a big change in performance and aftermarket parts begin to come out to add even more power to the car. The second engine option was a turbocharged 7MG-TE in-line 6 cylinder motor that was rated at 232 hp which really propelled this car down the road. This engine did have 1 major issue, the head bolts from the factory were not torqued correctly resulting in leaking or even a blown head gasket. Toyota managed to avoid a recall which caused further issues because people would repair the gasket a use the wrong torque pressures so the issue was not resolved. However, once the problem was corrected the engine was extremely durable. The improved R154 manual transmission upgrade was very big and proved to be almost indestructible unless it suffered abuse.