Toyota Solara Engine

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The Toyota Solara is a spin off from the Toyota Camry sedan. It was made for a buyer who wanted more of a sporty car and stay in the same class as the Camry. The first generation was 2000-2003. The engines used were taken from the Camry and also the Lexus ES300. The base type Solara had a 2.2 5SFE motor or an upgraded 3.0 1MZFE. The V6 3.0 liter was also used in the Toyota Sienna minivan. The Solara had 2 type transmissions available, a 4 speed automatic transmission and a 5 speed standard shift. The Lexus ES300 and Lexus RX300 both used a 4 speed automatic transmission but were different and would not for the Solara.



The next generation Solara 2004-2009 was a complete redesign and even offered a convertible. This was to compete with the Chrysler Sebring. The car was heavier and got larger engine options as well. The first was the redesigned 2.4 2AZ motor that was widely used in the Toyota Camry and the Toyota RAV4. The V6 option is now a 3.3 liter 3MZ-FE VVT-i engine. This is also used in the Lexus ES330 and the RX330 vehicles. The 2.4 liter car had 2 transmission types, a 5 speed manual shift or a 4 speed automatic. The 3.3 liter was now matched to a 5 speed automatic transmission that included Toyota’s new Multi-Mode Transmission (MMT) for added traction and performance. In 2006 the Solara dropped the 4 speed automatic and went with a new 5 speed automatic transmission. These newer models also had upgrades the earlier Solara did not offer like Bluetooth technology, an external adaptor for the Apple iPod and even voice activated navigation was available for the SLE V6 model. An interesting issue with the earlier Solara was a blind spot on side of the rear of the car at the bumper level. People not being able to judge the distance would bump other vehicle when parking and damage the rear bumper.