Toyota Tercel Engine

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Toyota built the Tercel as a subcompact car to appeal to diverse market. Starting with the second generation Tercel made from 1982-1987 Toyota only used 1 engine type that was a 3A 1.5 liter SOHC carbureted version. This engine was used in the 3 door hatchback, 4 door sedan, 5 door hatchback and the 5 door station wagon.  Toyota offer many different models of the Tercel to help meet different needs. All models expect the station had 3 different transmissions available. They were a 3 speed automatic, a 4speed standard shift and a 5 speed standard shift transmission. The station wagon offered 4 wheel drive as well as a 2 wheel drive version. The 4 wheel drive version come with a 3 speed automatic transmission, 5 speed manual and a 6 speed manual.



The third production model made from 1987-1990 was a larger vehicle than the previous versions. Toyota now offered a 1.5 liter 3E carbureted engine. This motor was most popular in the Tercel EZ model which was a stripped down 4 speed manual shift economy car. For the 1988-1990 model cars, the 1.5 liter motor was designated a 3EE and upgraded to fuel injection. The only different in the 3E and 3EE was the cylinder head. The durability of the 3E series engine was not ranked as well as the earlier 3A or 4A 1.6 liter versions. The bottom end of the engine was notorious of developing a knock. This was due to a poor design in the size of the crankshaft.

The fourth generation Tercel 1991-1994 stayed with the same 3EE engine but dropped the carbureted version altogether. The 3rd and 4th generation Tercel even used the same 5 speed standard and 3 speed automatic transmissions.

The 5th and final production Tercel was 1995-2000 and was a new car inside and out. The motors were upgraded to a 1.5 5EFE DOHC engine. This design superseded the 3EE was a much better engine.  The Tercel now had 4 transmission options, the 3 speed automatic, 4 speed automatic, 4 speed manual and the 5 speed manual transmission.