Toyota Sequoia Engine

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The Toyota Sequoia first generation is 2001-2007 and is made from the Toyota Tundra and also to fill the gap between the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota Land Cruiser. The engine Toyota chose is the 4.7 liter non VVT-i design for the first 3 years. Then starting in 2005 the 4.7 liter engine was introduced with VVT-i which offered more power and better fuel economy. From 2001-2004 the only transmission available was the 4 speed automatic but in 2005 Toyota offered the new 5 speed automatic transmission. The Sequoia was brought to market to compete with the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Expedition. In 2005 the towing capacity was up graded with more available power and the new 5 speed automatic transmission.



The second generation Sequoia was rolled out in 2008-present. This model is based on the Toyota Tundra but the frame and rear independent suspension are designed for an SUV rather than hauling and having a straight axle. The engines offered for the new model are an improved 4.7 2UZ V8, 5.7 3UR V8 and the all-new 4.6 1UR that produces more than 310 hp. The 5.7 liter is the most powerful with 381 hp.

The Sequoia like the Tundra offers both a 5 speed automatic and a 6 speed automatic transmission. A stand shift is not available. The option list for the Sequoia is long and includes navigation, back up camera, keyless entry, and hands-free Bluetooth phone as well as a rear air suspension so the rear can be lowered to load larger cargo. A new feature is Dynamic Laser Cruise Control which will slow down the vehicle when slower traffic is in the lane and speed back up once the driving lane is free again. Also, standard are knee airbags for 2010 and newer as well as roll-sensing side curtain airbags.