Toyota Paseo Engine

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The Toyota Paseo was sold starting in 1991-1996 as a compact economy car. The first generation car used a 1.5 liter 5E-FE motor that had 93 hp was exclusive to the Paseo at the time. The transmissions offered were a manual shift 5 speed and a 4 speed automatic. The car was based on the Toyota Tercel but the body and engine were altogether different. It was a front wheel drive and was never offered as an all-wheel drive vehicle. The 5E-FE engine was built with economy in mind. It was an overhead cam design that used a timing belt instead of a timing chain.



The mileage for the Paseo was very good and the car became popular for a while. The newer styling of the car seemed to attract a younger market. The initial Paseo was a stripped down economy vehicle but later Toyota started adding some features .The Si package got 14 inch alloy wheels, a Sony CD player and anti-lock brakes. Overseas Toyota offered more options like wider wheels, mud guards, and low profile tires.

In Japan, the Paseo was known as a Toyota Cynos and had 3 different variations. They were known as the Alpha, Beta and the Juno. The Juno was offered in even a cheaper version with a 1.3 liter engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission. The 1.3 liter engine was never offered in the United States. The Paseo was in the same class and the Toyota Corolla except the Corolla was a 4 door version while the Paseo was a coupe car. The Toyota Corolla went on to be a much more successful car for Toyota and is still be built today. The Paseo was finally retired and not produced for any country. Some vehicle that are made for the US market and then later dropped are still being made and shipped abroad.