Ford Crown Victoria Engine

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The first generation Ford Crown Victoria was 1992-1997. The engine offered was a 4.6 liter SOHC Modular V8. The transmission was the same as its sister car the Mercury Marquis, they both had a 4-speed automatic AOD unit. This car also came in a touring model with dual exhaust, rear air suspension, wider tires for improved handling and performance. 1992-1993 has a different block for the 4.6 motor, 1 used a 2 bolt start and the later used a 3 bolt type.



The second generation Crown Victoria used an improved 4.6 liter engine, the long block was used in the Ford F-150, Ford Van and the Lincoln Navigator. The suspension was beefed up with a new Watts linkage but kept the straight axle. This newer version 4.6 motor had coil-on-plug ignition that was a first. This replaced the conventional coil with eight coils that sit on the valve covers.  The 2003 model was now made with hydroformed steel with a whole new suspension assembly installed. The Police package vehicle got even larger brakes, the rear shock were re-located and a knock sensor was installed to allow for a more aggressive timing. The 2004 model got an upgraded transmission with a revised converter for better acceleration.

The 2008-2011 models were narrowed down with options and pushed for fleet sales. The utility of the vehicle became widely used by cities, government, police and taxi companies. After some time the Ford Five hundred came out then updated to the new Ford Taurus. The Lincoln Town Car was produced at the same plant the Crown Victoria was to help control costs. These platforms help develop the Ford Transit Connect and the Lincoln MKS vehicles. All Crown Victoria built after August 31, 2011 are 2012 model and the government mandated electronic stability control be installed on all models moving forward.