Ford Focus Engine

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Ford Focus is a compact car manufactured from 1998 till present. It has three generations of models. It has replaced Ford Escort in North America and Europe, and Ford Laser in Asia and Australia.

First generation Ford Focus was manufactured from 1998-2004 in Europe, and from 1994-2007 in North America. The standard engines for this model were 1.8 Liter and 2.0 L Zetec-E and 1.4 Liter and 1.6 Liter Zetec-SE. Optionally,  Endura TDDI diesel engine was used till the year 2002. From 2002-2007 this engine was replaced by Duratorq TDCI diesel engine. Second generation Ford Focus was manufactured from 2004-2010 in Europe and 2008-2011 in North America. The standard engine for this generation model was 2.0 Liter Duratec I4. Optionally, it uses 2.0 Liter Duratorq TDCi diesel engine. The third generation Focus was manufactured from 2010 till present. 2.0 Liter Duratec Ti-VCT I4 GDI is the standard engine in North America while 2.0 Liter EcoBoost I4 is the standard engine for those manufactured in 2012.

One of the first generation standard engine, 2.0Liter Zetec-E has 3.339 in bore and 3.465 in stroke. It produces 128 horse power and 135 lb-ft of torque. Ford also used this engine for Ford Escort manufactured from 1998-2003. Mazda also applied this engine for Mazda Tribute manufactured from 2001-2005. The second generation standard 2.0 Liter Duratec I4 engine has 3.44 in bore and 3.27 in stroke. It produces 130-140 horse power and 129-136 lb-ft of torque. It has aluminum block and cylinder head. Ford also used this engine for European Ford Fiesta. The North American third generation standard 2.0 Liter Duratec Ti-VCT I4 GDI motor was manufactured beginning from 2011. It produces 160 horse power and 136 lb-ft of torque. It is an upgraded version of the 2.0 Liter Duratec I4 engine, which is the standard in the second generation. The engine uses electronically controlled hydraulic valves. Ford applied this engine for 2011 Ford Mustang, 2011 Ford Edge and 2011 Explorer. Used engines of all the three generation Ford Focus standard motors are available for sale in different online as well as offline stores.