Ford F-350 Engine

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The Ford F-350 Engine belonged to a class of related pick-up trucks which all went with interchangeable names. Only slight changes to the engine and to the body separated the trucks that were included in the F series. The F series started out with the F-250 in 1999, which was a car with a bigger engine mounted on the smaller F-150 body. The F-350 appeared in the following year. It is also worth noting that the F-150 was the most distinct of them all because it used its own parts and it did not share with the rest of the trucks in the series except for the v8 gas engines. The F-350 truck was made in Venezuela and here it featured a 5.4 liter engine that has eight valves with 5 speed transmission that was manual and came in a choice of 4×4 or 4×2.



The Super Duty series, to which the F-350 belonged, had several engines to its name. The first was the 5.4 liter motor that was a modular v8 that had two valves per cylinder and that gave 225 hp. This was the standard engine. The modular v10 6.8 liter engine which gave 310 hp was the optional engine. In 1999, the 16v, 5.4 liter v8 motor engine was revamped to increase the power from 225 top 260 hp. All the models that came later than this, the 2005-2008 models, had a triton 5.4 liter engines that had 3v SOHC heads installed. These engines gave 300hp. Those who are looking to rebuild their F-class Ford can find the used Ford F-350 engine at ASAP Motors.

In the same period, the Triton eight valve motor were installed with 3-valve heads which raised the output to 362 horsepowers. The 7.3 liter engine, which was a turbo diesel with Power Stroke, had been equipped with 235 hp in the 1999-2000 models. This was increased to 250 hp in the trucks made in the 2001-2002 period which had automatic transmission while those that had manual transmission came with 275 hp. In 2002, a 6.0 power stroke engine started being phased in. This motor gave 325 hp.