Ford Thunderbird Engine

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The Ford Thunderbird was introduced in 1955 as a direct competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette, however, unlike the Corvette it was marketed as a personal car and not a sports car. The first generation “T-Bird” used a standard 292 cu 4.8 liter Y-block V8 obtained from Ford’s Mercury division. Ford had successfully used its expertise with Mercury platforms and drive train components and applied it to newer models. The 312 cu 5.1 Liter V8 was the standard engine, producing 245 horsepower (hp). With a 2-speed automatic transmission it was similar to Chevrolet’s Powerglide. Today, used Ford Thunderbird engines are available for sale in various stores.

The car underwent changes and in 1958 was reintroduced with 4 seats. Powering this second generation Thunderbird was a new 300 hp, 352 cu 5.8 liter FE V8, available with a 3-speed automatic or manual transmission. Dual-unit and round taillights of 1958 to 1959 were changed to a triple-unit similar to the Chevrolet Impala.

The 1968, the Lincoln Continental Mark III was derived from the 4 door Thunderbird chassis and till the late 90s, the Continental Marks and the Thunderbird were interrelated cars. The 390 cu, 6.4 liter FE V8 was the sole engine originally presented in the third to fifth generations generating 300 hp while a higher compression, 330 hp version of the engine was optional. This was the biggest Thunderbird ever made by Ford that had a body similar to the Lincoln Mark IV.

The seventh and eight generation saw a substantial weight reduction mainly within the drive train, due to the petite-block V8 being replaced by a heavier huge-block V8 from previous years. The regular engine was a 4.9 liter 302 cu Windsor V8.The eight generation received a lackluster response so in 1985 the ninth generation was introduced. The previous generation’s engines achieved electronic fuel injection; however, in 1986 it was replaced by the multi-point fuel injection V8. The intercooled turbocharged engine of the Ford Mustang SVO was used to redesign the Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe.

In 1989, Thunderbird was launched together with the Mercury Cougar, one of its sister cars. More importantly, this was the 1st car which did not offer a V8 engine but instead offered 2 different editions of Ford’s 3.8 liter Essex OHV V6. Finding used Thunderbird engines for sale is easy at ASAP Motors.

After a long hiatus the thunderbird returned in 2002 as the 11th generation version. The single engine of this car was a DOHC V8 3.9 liter AJ-30 which was an 85mm short-stroke deviation of the Jaguar AJ-26 4.0 liter V8.