Ford LTD Engine

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Ford Motor Company produced Ford LTD cars from 1965 to 1986. There was a range of cars that carried LTD name plate. They started with Ford Galaxie which came out of production lines in 1965. It was available with a choice of few different engines. There was the Challenger/ Windsor 4.7L or 4.9L V8 engine, 5.8L Thunderbird V8 engine, 6.4L Thunderbird special V8 engine, 7L cobra V8 engine and the 7L Thunderbird V8 engine to choose from. This car had its competitors in Chevrolet Caprice, Dodge Monaco and Dodge Polara.

In 1969 cars of the second generation of Ford LTD were manufactured and they had lots of improvements to the body. There were the 4 door hard top, sedan and convertible. Also the 2 door coupe and the 2 door convertible were available. Second generation also offered a choice of engines. 4.9 L Windsor V8, 5.8 liter Cleveland V8, 5.8L 351 M V8, 6.6 liter Cleveland V8, 7L 385 V8 and 7.5liter 385 V8 were the choices available. Though most of these cars were running less than 10 miles per gallon in traffic, they sold well due to luxury they offered and the reasonable prices at which they were offered. Some of these cars are still on the road and finding a used 6.6 liter Cleveland engine is not a difficult task if the engine packs up

The third generation of cars manufactured from 1979, were trimmed a bit in size. However, the V8 engines were retained. Ford never wanted to go for diesel engines or for 6 cylinder versions of petrol engines. The engines used in the third generation were Windsor V8 engines with capacities of 4.2L, 4.9L or 5.8L. Third generation went on till 1982. Even today, you could find a place where they have a Windsor V8 engine for sale.

The fourth generation Ford LTD cars were available as 4 door sedans and five door station wagons and they were fitted with one of the four engines. 2.3 liter, 3.3 liter Thrift power Six , 3.8 liter Essex 6 and 4.9 liter 5.0L Windsor V8 were the four engines. All these cars had either 3 speed C5 type automatic transmission or 4 speed AOD type automatic transmissions. Fourth generation of Ford LTD cars were manufactured only until 1986.