Ford GT Engine

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Ford GT is a Ford Motor Company produced mid-engine two-seater car, the design of which is inspired from the 1960’s Ford GT40 cars. However, there is not structural similarity between Ford GT and Ford GT40. The car was produced for 2005 and 2006 model years. It runs on the mid-mounted 5.4 liter Modular V8 engine which has a Lysholm twin screw-type super-charger and is all-aluminum. Used Ford GT engines for sale are available online at ASAP Motors. Ford GT features also include super plastic-formed frame, aluminum body panels, roll bonded floor panels and a ship-in-a-bottle gas tank.

In 2010 a racing version of Ford GT, the ‘Ford GT1’ was developed by Matech Concepts. Its structure is based on the Ford GT body space frame and contains a 5.3ltr V8 race engine. Its power output stood at 655 bhp at 7300 rpm. Its other features included full carbon bodywork, Carbon under floor, double wishbone with uniball joints with four-way adjustable dampers and many more.

Again in 2010, Ford GT3 was built by Matech Concepts on original factory Ford GT body. It contains Ford Racing 5.0L Cammer V8 race motor mapped for 102 octane unleaded fuel and gives a power and torque output of 550 hp @ 7200 rpm and 600 Nm @ 6000 rpm respectively. It has features like Double wishbone on uniball joints front and rear, 105L FT3 Fuel cell, BILSTEIN 2-way adjustable dampers front and rear, Optimized carbon fiber front fender with down force splitter, Full carbon bodywork & Makrolon windows and many more.

Ford GT is more comparable to Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper. Apart from this, once the coveted Ford GT came out in the market reviewers also began comparing it with other race cars such as Porsche GT3, Ferrari and the likes for its ultimate 550 horsepower, recreation of a classic design and easy controllability (safe and easy transition into four-wheel drift).  Out-of-corner thrust is awesome and the driver doe not constantly scramble to find the right gear when under power. Ford GT contains in itself the essence of a sports car and reviewers have had only good things to say about this sports car.