Ford Tempo Engine

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Ford Tempo is a 4 door Sedan or a 2 door coupe car manufactured from 1984-1994. It was the successor of Ford Fairmont. It has two generations of models.

First generation Tempo was manufactured from 1984-1987. The standard engine for this model was 2.3 Liter HSC inline four cylinder gasoline engine. Optionally it uses 2.0 Liter Mazda RF I4 diesel engine. Second generation Tempo was manufactured from 1988-1994. It uses same standard gasoline engine as the first generation model. Optionally, it uses 3.0 Liter Vulcan V6 engine for vehicles manufactured from 1992-1994.

The 2.3L HSC I4 engine is Ford’s first burn engine, first manufactured in 1984. It has 3.68 in bore diameter and 3.3 in stroke. It produces 86-98 horse power and 125 lb-ft of torque. In 1985, Ford added Two-barrel Central Fuel Injection (CFI) to the engine. It has iron alloy at its cylinder head and block.

The first generation optional 2.0L Mazda RF I4 diesel engine has 3.4 in bore and 3.4 in stroke. It is SOHC engine. It has two valves per cylinder. Ford also applied this engine to Ford Escort manufactured from 1984-1987. The engine is also used for Mazda E-series manufactured from 1983–1990 and Kia Sportage manufactured from 1998-2003.

The 3.0L Vulcan V6 engine was an optional engine for GL and LX models of Ford Tempo while it is standard for the GLS model. It produces 140 horse power and 160 lb-ft of torque. It has iron heads and blocks. Ford also used this engine for the Ford Taurus manufactured from 1986-2007 and Ford Ranger manufactured from 1991-2008. The engine is also applied for Mazda B3000 manufactured from 1994–2007.  All types of Ford Tempo used engines are available for sale in different stores for mechanics and car makers.

Ford Tempo was one of the popular and highly innovative vehicles of its time. As a result, it was able to get massive sales throughout its entire life time. During mid of 1990s it had considered as an old model and was succeed by Ford Contour.