Ford Bronco II Engine

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The Ford Bronco II was built from 1984-1990 and sold as a compact SUV. The initial engine for the first generation 1984-1985 offered a 2.8 liter V6 carbureted type made to compete with the Jeep Cherokee, Chevy S-10 Blazer and the Toyota 4Runner. A few of the Bronco II model had a 2.3 Mitsubishi 4D55T turbo-diesel engine. This engine did not do well and was dropped quickly from the line. The 2.8 engine was also used in the Ford Ranger but soon discontinued for the newer 4.0 liter fuel injected model. The 2.9 liter fuel injected motor did perform well. Transmission options got confusing for the Bronco II because so many version were offered.



The different types of standard transmissions were the Mazda built 4-speed tK4 manual, 5-speed Mazda TK5 built manual, 5-speed Mazda M50D manual, 5-speed Mitsubishi FM146 standard shift and a 5-speed Mitsubishi FM146. The automatic were simpler with just 2 types, the 3-speed c5 automatic and the 4-speed A4LD automatic. Both the Bronco II and the Ford Ranger got restyled in 1989 but mechanically stayed about the same. The newer version did receive Dana 35 front axle in the 4 wheel drive version instead of the Dana 28 that was used in earlier models. The Chevy S-10 Blazer ran neck and neck in sales as both vehicles were equipped about the same, it just came down to preference of model.

The Ford Explorer went into production the same year the Bronco II was retired. The Explorer used on the new 4.0 liter OHV V6 fuel injected engine and the 4 speed automatic was the A4LD type. That was the same unit produced for other Ford vehicles but turned out to be a weak transmission. The Explorer finally got a V8 engine in 1996 when Ford rebuilt the 302 5.0 liter. It was specific to this vehicle only and would not fit a different Ford.