Ford Forward Control Engine

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Forward control Ford was a type of truck or van whose face was vertical. These vehicles had their cabs mounted right above the front axle and they had to be tilted forward in order to reach the engine. The main advantage of this design was that it allowed for shorter vehicles in countries that restricted the length of the vehicles or trucks. The first forward control trucks were seen at around 1907 but it was not until 1957 that Ford decided to make forward control vans and trucks. It is worth noting that the forward control design was not only restricted to Ford. There were very many manufacturers who had the same design in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Landrover, Ford and Jeep were the prominent companies that made forward control vehicles. The used Ford engines were seen to be compatible with other forward control vehicles especially the Jeep models. Therefore, you could find the used Ford forward control motor on ASAP Motors website and interchange with the Jeeps that had forward control. It is worth also noting that Ford went on to use the design even on tractors and most of the vans that were produced in 1957.

There was a series of the Ford vehicles known as the C series that received the forward control design exclusively while other series like the F series receiving it in some of their cars but not all. The first Ford model to receive this design was the Ford Ranchero, which had the looks of other 1957 ford cars. The ranchero ran on a 292 cubic inch motor that gave 212 horsepower.

The other cars to receive this design were the Ford C series cars. These trucks were primarily used by fire companies and local delivery companies. The only thing that you have to look for is to get the ones that are designated for Ford as there are some for the Jeep and the Land Rover.

The C-series trucks shared their motor parts with the F-series trucks. It is worth noting that the forward control started with the F series trucks in 1948-52 but this design was later spread to the C-series.