Ford Probe Engine

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The Ford Probe is a car which first hit the US market in 1988. This was the first generation Probe which retained its existence until 1992. It had the 2.2 liter SOHC engine having four cylinders. This 2.2 liter SOHC motor was also being used in the Mazda F2. It had a transmission of 4 speed which was automatic and 5 speed manual. This first generation Probe was generated using designs from several concept cars. Its production was an alliance with the Mazda and that is why it shares most mechanical similarities with Mazda. It came in three designs the GT, GL and LX. The GL had the above named engine having a horsepower of 110 while the LX came with a V6 motor of 3.0 liter. This V6 engine of 3.0 liter was also in use in other Ford versions like the Ranger and Tempo. The GT however came with a F2T 2.2 liter engine which was turbocharged. This had a horsepower of 145. The Probe used engines for sale are available at ASAP Motors from many different suppliers. The fact that this first generation Probe had borrowed several concepts from the Mazda, it reduced the production costs in terms of research.

This was replaced by the second generation Ford Probe which took the limelight from 1993 to 1997. As you would expect this came with a more improved performance compared to the predecessor. It had two versions of engines and came with a 5 speed manual transmission. It possessed the 2.0 liter FS-DE 4 cylinder Mazda motor and 2.5 liter KL-DE Mazda v6 engine. The engines had better performance giving a total of 118 hp and 164 hp respectively. It received competition from the Chevrolet Camaro which also had the 5 speed manual transmission and a V6 engine having a 162 hp almost similar to that of the Ford. The second generation Ford Probe still had the same two door design but lighter in weight than the first generation. It also received competition from the Nissan 240 SX which had the same 5 speed. The Nissan was however more highly priced.

The second generation paved way for the Ford Cougar. This was presumably the third generation though it did not adopt the Ford Probe name.