Ford LN7 Engine

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Ford LN 7 was a car manufactured in 1981 for the 1982 model year. It was fitted with a 1.6 L CVH I4 engine. This engine was able to generate 70 HP and the car had 4-speed manual transmission. This engine was designed to provide more fuel economy than power. Ford Escort, Ford Tempo and Ford EXP are cars that had similar motors. In 1982 Ford LN got an 80 HP engine with larger air cleaner and larger venturis in the carburetor but the basic engine remained the same. Even today you could purchase a used CVH14 engine if you have one of these cars.

The second generation of Ford LN 7 arrived in mid 1985 and it had a 1.9 L CVH I4 motor. It was available with 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmission and also with 3 speed automatic transmission. The 1.9 liter engine was able to deliver 90hp. The car was a luxury coupe that offered reclining seats, tachometer, left side remote mirror and many other features.

In 1986 the engine got updated with fuel injection in place of the carburetor and the same 1.9 liter engine was able to produce 106hp. By 1987 the engine was further improved to enable it to produce 115hp. In case you need to replace the engine of your old car, it is not difficult to find a place where they have a 1.9 L CVH I4 engine for sale.

With all the improvements added into the LN7 it never had the expected market. Therefore, Ford tried to create another updated model of their popular car, Mustang in order to develop a front wheel car. After they have spent substantially on the new model, there was protest from Mustang lovers for dropping their beloved rear wheel driven car. This prompted Ford to rename their new car as Ford Probe. The used LN7 engine for sale was becoming a thing of the past.

This created a situation where Ford had to produce three sports cars which they couldn’t afford to do. Therefore, they decided to scrap the model that had the lowest of sales. The automatic choice was LN7. This triggered the end of Ford LN7. More than 225,000 cars of both Ford LN7 and Ford EXP cars were produced between 1981 and mid 1988.