Ford Maverick Engine

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Originally promoted as a subcompact “import fighter”, Ford Maverick was introduced as a compact -2-door sedan in April 1969.And  was advertised as the competitor to the smaller Volkswagen Beetle.

The early Mavericks had a base on the 69 Ford Falcons and shared engines, spindles, axles, brakes and running gear with the Falcon. However, as the dealers faced problems in aligning this design since it was very light-duty, the Maverick’s suspension was reframed and was beefed up in the later modals of the car.

Ford Maverick engines were available in 170, 200, 250 cu. in. sixes and the ever-popular 302 V8.  In the 1971 year model, Ford finally fitted the popular 302 v8 with more drivetrain options even though it was hobbled with a two-barrel and single exhaust.

In 1970 model of Ford Maverick, the two spoke steering wheel with horn ring was redesigned as a steering wheel with no horn ring. Also, in order to comply with the new federal safety regulation, the ignition switch that was initially featured in the instrument panel of the car was mounted on a locking steering column. In the same year the Ford also introduced the sporty Grabber, and a 4-door sedan on the Maverick’s 109.9 inch wheel brake.

With these new additions Maverick broke all previous years’ sales records and came to be known as a very successful car. During this time Ford Pinto was launched which also came up as a strong subcompact competitor for the Ford Maverick.

By 1971, in order to match to the consumer’s growing demand for luxurious and sporty cars, Ford Maverick introduced its four-door model with vinyl roof. During this time, Ford Mercury revived the Mercury Comet which came to be known as a mechanical clone of the Maverick.

From 1973-1975 several Minor changes were done, such as, the 200 CID I6 was made the standard engine in place of the 170 CID engine to provide  ease of upper drivetrain operation,  brakes were improved, and chrome grille that was earlier optional became standard, and a new front bumper was added to comply with the new federal regulations.

However, with the launch of larger Mustang, the concept of small and sporty car took away the concept of economy cars. This also started affecting the sales of Ford Maverick. The release of Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch which came up as Euro style luxury compact cars further led to decline in the sales of Maverick. At the end of 1977 the Maverick was replaced by the Ford Fairmont.