Ford Fiesta Engine

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The Ford Fiesta, first christened Valencia due to the fact that this was the location of the first factory built specially to make these cars, is a front wheel driven car that started production in 1976. The car was made so as to be longer than the fiat 127 but to be shorter than the Ford Escort. The car was first built in Europe and offered an engine capacity of 957 cc with the option of either a 1.1 or 1.3 liter gas motor.  All the US models that were made for this car between 1978 and 1980 offered a 1.6 L engine.

The second generation of the Fiesta started production towards the end of ’83 with a better front and an improved interior. The engine was replaced with a Cvh powerhouse that was a 1.4 L engine. Later, in ’85, two 957 and 1117 cc engines were produced with slight alterations. It was the same year that Fiesta motors, which were diesel-powered, were produced with the engine idea being adopted from that of the Ford Escort. In 1987, the continuous variable transmission appeared and was included in the 1.1 l models only.

The Ford Fiesta mark 3, unveiled in ’88, went on sale in February ’89.  It was amongst the first Ford cars to be fitted with fuel injection engines. These models had eight valve engines and were replaced by the 16 valve versions in 1992. Good used Fiesta engines are available at many salvage yards.

The Ford Fiesta Mark IV was launched in ’95. This generation saw the inclusion of zetec-se engines that came in the 1.25l and 1.4 l variables. There was the 1.8 l variable that was diesel powered and this engine was made specifically for third generation of Fiesta.  This generation saw major changes to the chassis and the interior of the car. In 1999, changes were made to the design of the Fiesta so as to give it a better look. Each of the different variables came with their own engines that were tailored to the regions that they would be used in.

The fifth generation saw the inclusion of engines that had varied capacities ranging from 1.2l to 2.0 l for the petrol engines and 1.4l 8 valve and 1.6l 16 valve versions for the diesel engines. The Fiesta Sedan version that was introduced in 2004 featured mainly structural changes. The last generation of the Ford Fiesta – the Fiesta Mark vi – was released in late 2007 and incorporates most of the modern engine designs.