Ford Festiva Engine

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The first generation of Ford Festiva, marketed by Ford Motor Company started from the year 1986 till 1993. The first generation cars were modeled and manufactured in Japan by Mazda. The Ford Festiva then fashioned a front-wheel drive set up along with a rack & pinion steering, front suspension on struts, sway bars, torsion beam suspension and coil springs. In the middle of 1986 the other Ford partner in Korea namely Kia Motors manufactured the car under the name of Kia Pride. These car models were fitted with 1.3 Liters single B3 four cylinder car engine along with three trim levels which are LX, L plus and L.

It was in the year 1990 that engine’s fuel bringing system was changed to fuel injection from carburetors. Ford Festiva showed signs of success in spite of tough competition from the famous car manufacturers like Toyota Tercel, Honda Civic and Hyundai Excel which were launched around the same time. The final model of the first generation was out in the year 1993 with no vital changes. Finding a used Festive engine for sale is easier becuase of the lack of changes.

The second generation of Ford Festiva ranged from 1993 till 1996 and the model introduced was produced both between Ford and Kia. The new models were a little longer, wider and were equipped with 1.3 L Mazda B engine which is fuel injected with 73 hp (fifty four kW) (DIN). The second engine used was 1.5 L Mazda B which is again a fuel injected engine, 8 valve with l4 making and 88.4 hp (65 kW) (DIN). Ford also added the name ‘Aspire’ to the Ford Festiva in the markets of North America because the concept of five door cars was launched for the very first time.

The third generation of Ford Festiva began in 1996 and ended in the year 2000. The sales of Ford Festiva second generation models were finished by 1996 in Japan. Another new model called “mini Ford Festiva wagon” entered the market. This Ford Festiva model used either the 1.3 Liter car engine or the 1.5 Liter car engine.