Ford Granada Engine

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Originally referred to as Ford Consul, Ford Granada came as a replacement to executive cars manufactured by Ford such as Germany P7 Series and Ford Zephr. Mark I, the first generation of Ford Granada which premiered from 1972-1977 had a V4 engine which was the same engine type used in Capri MK I and Ford Corsair. The Essex V4 2.0 liter capacity engine had 1663cc and 1996cc which Ford Company built in Essex plant. In the later period, the company modified the motor by incorporating a twin choke carburetor and the same upgrade was also made in the Corsair and Capri. By December RS2600, the company used Essex v6 engine in place of Cologne V6 engine previously used by Ford Granada and now Essex v6 used engines for sale are available on online at ASAP Motors. The initial 3.6 liter capacity of Essex V6 rose to 3098 cc and unlike its forerunner; its carburetor was double-barrel Weber thereby reaching 150 PS.

All other models of mark I with a liter capacity 0f 2.5 and 3.0 built between 1961 and 1981 had the Essex V6 engine. This saved Ford Company a lot of money and time as they simply used previous drivetrain components and existing engine model. However, although the engine was designed for petrol and diesel application, Ford Company opted not to produce the diesel version. The British sports car AC 3000ME (1979-1984) and Capri RS 3100 also relied on the same Essex V6 engine used by Ford Granada at this time. When you need to find a used Granada engine for sale this wide use of the motor does make it easier.

Appearing in the august of 1977, Mark II Ford Granada was the second generation of Ford Granada and as a replacement of older Essex motor versions used in previous models, the car had Cologne V6 engine in its three liter models (2.0, 2.3 and even 2.8 liter capacity engines). This engine was closely related to v4 engine used by Tarus although it had two extra cylinders and never required any balanced shaft. Later, Ford Company developed Cologne v6 into engines with varying capacities ranging from 1.8 liters to 4 liters. 1991 show the market decline of Ford Granada especially when Escort and Scorpio were launched. Scorpio Ultima was a near replica of Ford Granada with only a few notable equipment additions like an air bag, CD player and ABS.