Ford Bronco Engine

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The Ford Bronco dates back to 1966 as a small compact 4 wheel drive made to compete with the Jeep CJ-5. The full size Bronco was made from 1978-1996 and was powered by several Ford engines. The cheapest was the 300 cu in 4.9 liter in-line 6 cylinder. This engine was used in the F-150 and Ford Van. The 302 cu in engine used was popular in the Ford Crown Victoria and Thunderbird. Ford also offered a 351 Windsor motor, a 6.9 liter diesel and later a 7.3 liter diesel. Transmissions offered were a 5 speed manual, a C-6 3-speed automatic, the 4-speed AOD type that was widely used by Ford and the 4-speed E40D which was the heavy duty unit primarily used in trucks.



The Bronco was based on the Ford F-150 frame but shortened. By 1988 Ford upgraded the Bronco motors to fuel injection and they dropped the carbureted fuel system altogether.  The 5 speed standard transmission was paired up with the 300 cu in engine and the 302 V8. The 1988-1989 model Bronco with a 351W got the c6 automatic transmission. The AOD unit was mated to the 302 form 1987-1990 and after 1991 all Broncos had the E40D unit installed. These different combinations were used in trying to keep up with the Chevy Blazer and the C1500 series trucks. The bronco got tagged as the most watched vehicle on television after the O.J Simpson low chase.

The 1992-1996 got a redesign including new crumple zones, improved seat belts and a third brake light. The engines stayed the same but the 6.9 liter diesel was dropped as the new 7.3 liter diesel came to market. The 7.3 was a sturdier engine with more power and torque which Ford truck owners demand so Ford delivered. Later in 1993 the 7.3 liter got 2 variations of injection and for the first time offered a turbocharged model. The non-turbocharged engine was discontinued in 1995.